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Services - Scheduling & Appointments

Can I accompany my child during appointments?

Our priority is to create a positive experience for your child while accomplishing the task at hand. For patients under the age of 3, we invite you to stay with your child during their very first dental visit.  If your child seems to be willing to walk back by themselves, often the hygienist will invite the parents to stand back and watch from behind while praising the child for being a "big Kid" and sitting well by themselves.  At age 5, children are brought back by themselves as well as for all restorative appointments (fillings) at any age.


The presence of parents in the dental care rooms interferes with our efforts to establish communication and gain your child's trust. This is especially true with the anxious or fearful child. With parents giving directions from one side, and the dentist on the other side, the child listens to neither. It is easiest for the child when the parents make a positive, quick separation in the waiting room.


Dr. Rita and her staff are very experienced in helping children overcome their fear and anxiety. Separation anxiety diminishes quickly as your child begins to experience his or her dental visit with our highly trained staff in our friendly environment. To us, success is for your child to have a positive experience!


Are certain procedures done at certain times?

Because the office has a high regard to meet the emotional welfare of the children we see, there are certain procedures that are done at set times of the day.  Dr. Rita also prefers to see young children and apprehensive children in the morning, when they are rested.  This helps them have a better experience.  Often yours and your child's schedules may need to be altered.  We understand the inconvenience this may cause, however your child's needs are our first priority.



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